1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory

An unbound copy of the Union County issue of the 1908 Atlas was donated for the Annual Meeting and Auction. This was acquired as a resource for the website. The parts included the Patrons Reference Directory, some of the photographic pages, and many of the maps. The Patrons Reference Directory has names of individual and business patrons of the atlas, occupation, the legal description of their location, post office, and the year they became a resident of the county. This has been determined to be an excellent place to begin to share information. As new information is added, links to this page will be added to the individual information. The above alphabetical listing above will take you to the page for that letter or group of letters.

"EXPLANATION. -- The date following a name indicates the length of time the party has been a resident in the county. The abbreviations are as follows" S. for Section; T. for Township; R. for Range: W. for West; E. for east; P.O. for Post-Office address. When no Section Number or Township is given, it will be understood that the party resides within the limits of the village or city named, and, in such cases, the post-office address is the same as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated." (1908 Atlas)

Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Acklin, Barnett Farmer and Gardener S. 11 T. 11 R. 1 W Makanda 1868

1908 Union County Towns & Communities

  • Alto Pass
  • Anna
  • Balcom
  • Cobden
  • Dongola
  • Jonesboro
  • Lick Creek
  • Mill Creek
  • Mountain Glen
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Ortrich's (C.L.) Sub.
  • Quetil
  • Peru
  • Reynoldsville
  • Saratoga
  • Springville
  • Wolf Lake

Additional communities shown on the Outline Map of Union County from the 1908 Atlas.

  • Aldridge Sta. & P.O.
  • Kaolin Sta.
  • La Rue Sta. & P.O.
  • Pottsville P.O.
  • Progress P.O.
  • West Saratoga P.O.