1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Acklin, Barnett Farmer and Gardener S. 11 T. 11 R. 1 W Makanda 1868
Alden Store Co., General Mdse. none listed Anna none listed
Aldridge, N.M. Farmer & Gardener S.16, T. 11, R. 1, W. Cobden 1864
Aldridge, Thomas L. & Son Merchant & Farmer S.18, T.11, R.3, W. Aldridge 1865
Anderson, David Retired Farmer S.34, T.12, R.1, W. Anna 1866
Anderson, J.B. Farmer & Gardener S.11, T.11, R.2, W. Alto Pass 1867
Anderson, Willis A. Fruit & Vegetable Grower S.21, T.11, R.1, W. Cobden Born in County Jan. 21, 1862
Andrews, Geo. J. Wines, Liquors & Cigars none listed
1908 Atlas House
Jonesboro none listed
Angell, Geo. E. Farmer S.24, T.11, R.2, W Cobden 1874
Angell, J.E. Teacher & Justice of the Peace none listed Wolf Lake 1878
Angell, M.V. Farmer & gardener S.2, T.12, R.2, W Cobden 1877
Anna Lumber & Mfg. Co. Lumber none listed Anna none listed
Anna National Bank,
A.A. Lowery,
Asst. Cashier
General Banking none listed Anna none listed
Arnhart, Miles Farmer S.24, T.13, R.3, W Reynoldsville 1855
Arnold, W.T. Farmer & Lumberman S.21, T.13, R.2, W Reynoldsville 1898
Atwood, Chester Farmer S.12, T.13, R.3, W. Jonesboro 1880
Ausbrooks, Dr. G.W. Physician & Surgeon S.16, T.13, R.1, E. Dongola Born in County April, 1858
Avery & Hines Co., Cattle Breeders S.21, T.11, R.2, W Alto Pass none listed