1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Damron, W. Jeff Farmer, Justice of the Peace & Ex-school Teacher S.9, T.11, R.1, E Progress Born in County Jan 1859
Darnall, Thos. Hotel none listed Cobden 1872
Davie, Saml. F. County Commissioner none listed Jonesboro none listed
Davis, Absalom Market Gardener S.14, T.13, R.1, W. Balcom 1846
Davis, James Attorney at Law and Farmer S.36, T.11, R.3, W. Wolf Lake 1866
Davis, J.J. Fruit & Vegetable Grower S.6, T.11, R.1, W Cobden Born in County May 20, 1861
Davis, James M. Market Gardener S.15, T.13, R.1, W. Dongola 1842
Davis, Wm. S. Farmer S.31, T.11, R.3, W. Wolf Lake 1877
Day, George W. Lumber Dealer none listed Jonesboro none listed
Democrat Publishing Company of Anna, The Publishers "Democrat" none listed Anna none listed
DeWitt, John C. Mgr. Box Factory, Ex-county Treasurer none listed 1908 Image Anna none listed
Dillow, A.J. Farmer S.31, T.11, R.3, W. Wolf Lake 1897
Dillow, C.E. Farmer and School Treasurer S.23, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1864
Dillow, D.J. Implements S.25, T.13, R.1, W. Dongola 1850
Dillow, Eli J. Farmer S.26, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1862
Dillow, G.W. Farmer S.28. T.13, R.1, W. Dongola 1858
Dillow, I.E. Farmer S.34, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1872
Dillow, James A. Farmer S.36, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1871
Dillow, L.C. Farmer S.28, T.13, R.1, W Dongola 1858
Ditter, John Farmer & Gardener S.36, T.12, R.2, W Jonesboro 1887
Dodds, Dr. Samuel Physician none listed Cairo 1867
Douglas, Henry Farmer S.12, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1830
Drexler, W.G. Retired Butcher none listed Jonesboro none listed
DuBois, A.M. Editor none listed Cobden 1865
Dubois, H.A. Fruit Package Manufacturer none listed Cobden 1865
Duerkheimer, Geo. Peter Farmer & Gardener S.11, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1861
DuFrain Bros., Livery none listed Alto Pass none listed
Duschl, Mathias Farmer S.35, T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1853