1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Eastman, H. Farmer and Gardener S.28, T.12, R.1, W Anna 1865
Eastman, H.G. Farmer & Gardener S.28, T.12, R.1, W Anna 1867
Eddleman, Jas. C. Farmer & Stockraiser S.15, T.13, R.1, W. Dongola 1867
Eddleman, Jno. W. Farmer & Stockraiser S.22, T.13, R.1, W. Dongola 1856
Ede, G.A. Cobden Machine Works none listed Cobden 1857
Ede, Capt. Henry Retired; Regimental Quartermaster in 81st Ill. Vol. Enlisted Aug. 1862, served till Aug. 1865. Wounded in foot in charge on Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863 none listed Cobden 1856
Elgin, J.W. Bowling Alley & Insurance none listed Cobden 1903
Engelhart E. Blacksmith, Wood Worker & Dealer in Wagons, Carriages, & Implements none listed
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Jonesboro none listed
English, E.C. Contractor & Builder none listed Anna none listed
Escue, Calvin M. Farmer & School Director 16 years S.9, T.11, R.1, E. Wayside 1857
Eudy, Eli Farmer S.23, T.13, R.3, W. Reynoldsville 1856
Eudy, J.H. Farmer S.20, T.13, R.2, W. Reynoldsville 1851
Eudy, John W. Farmer S.11, T.13, R.3, W. Reynoldsville 1850