1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Garner, W.D. Farmer S.18, T.11, R.1, E. Cobden 1865
Gates & Houston Merchants none listed Alto Pass none listed
George, H.C. Farmer S.27, T.13, R.1, W. Dongola 1850
George, W.D. Jeweler none listed Cobden 1879
Glasco, Jesse Farmer S.10, T.11, R.2, W. Alto Pass 1840
Glasscock, Thos. J. Jeweler none listed Jonesboro none listed
Godard, Andrew J. Farm Gardener S.14, T.12, R.1, W Anna 1847
Godard, Jesse Farmer and Road Supervisor S.1, T.12, R.1, E. Lick Creek Born in county 1865
Godwin, J. F. Farmer S.15, T.12, R.3, W. Jonesboro 1840
Goodman, Chas. Farmer, School Director over 20 years S.28, T.13, R.1, E. Dongola 1859
Goodman, James M. Farmer S.24, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1863
Goodman, John L. Farmer and Gardener S.25, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1849
Goodrich, T.E. Farmer S.29, T.11, R.1, W. Cobden none listed
Grabow, Otto Farmer and Fruit Grower S.2, T.12, R.2, W. Cobden 1867
Grammer, Wm. Farmer S.23, T.12, R.3, W. Jonesboro 1849
Grear, Roy L. Job Printer none listed Jonesboro none listed
Green, Dan. W. Farmer and Gardener S.22 T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1867
Green, F.E. Farmer and Gardener S.22, T.12, R.2, W Jonesboro 1873
Green, Henry Farmer S.15, T.11, R.3, W. Wolf Lake 1849
Green, Nathaniel General Store none listed Cobden Born in County April 8, 1856
Grieb, J.M. & Son Clothiers none listed 1908 Image Jonesboro none listed
Griffith, John Farmer, Fruit and Vegetable Grower S. 18, T.11, R.1, W. Cobden 1864
Griffiths, W.H. Farmer S.8, T.12, R.3, W Wolf Lake 1850
Gunter, Dr. M.A. Physician, Ware S.25, T.12, R.3, W. Jonesboro 1891
Gurley, G.W. Livery and Sale Barn none listed Cobden 1873
Guy, J.S. Stationary Engineer and Gardener S. 55, T.11, R.2, W. Cobden 1890