1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
James, Geo. W. Farmer S.14, T.11, R.2, W. Alto Pass 1847
Jenkins, Wm. N. Grain and Fruit Farmer S.15, T.13, R.1, W. Anna 1852
Jessen & Holcomb Box and Basket Factory none listed Alto Pass none listed
Jinnette, E.R. Agricultural Writer
and Farm Gardener
S.27, T.12, R.1, W. Anna 1847
Johnson, Chas. A. Farmer S.14, T.12, R.3, W. Jonesboro 1876
Johnson, C.E. Farmer S.22, T.13, R.1, E. Dongola Born in County 1884
Johnson, Mrs. Nancy Farmer S.30, T.11, R.1, E. Cobden 1866
Jones, Sarah E. Market Gardener S.3, T.13, R.1, W. Balcom none listed
Jones, Wm. Farmer S.5, T.12, R.3, W. Wolf Lake 1890
Jonesboro, City of
S.H. Frost, Mayor.
none listed none listed (Jonesboro) none listed