1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Thomas, W.W. Strawberry Plant Grower none listed Anna none listed
Tibbets, A.S. Publisher Jonesboro Gazette none listed Jonesboro none listed
Townsend, W.E. County Surveyor and Farmer S.29, T.11, R.1, W. Cobden Aug. 15, 1883
Travis, A.S. Farmer S.1, T.12, R.4, W. Wolf Lake 1901
Tripp H.T. Farmer S.23 T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1866
Tripp, J.W. Farmer S.23, T.12, R.2,, W. Jonesboro 1875
Tripp, S.H. Mine Operator and Fruit Grower S.34, T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1848
Tripp, Wm. K. Farmer S.21, T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1858
Turner, Jno. A. Farmer S.23, T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1859
Turner, P.B. Nurseries and Fruit Grower none listed Jonesboro none listed