1908 Atlas Patrons Reference Directory


Name Occupation Location Post Office Year of Residency
Walker, C.L. Farmer S.12, T.12, R.2, W. Anna 1894
Walker, H.H. Gardener S.26, T.12, R.2, W Jonesboro 1872
Walker, W.W. Farmer S.31, T.12, R.1, W. Jonesboro 1852
Wallace, J.F. Mine Operator S.2, T.12, R.2, W Cobden 1876
Walton, E.B. Farmer S.21, T.12, R.1, W. Anna 1863
Walton, J.K. Drugs none listed Anna none listed
Walton, Winstead D. Stock and Grain Farmer S.22, T.12, R.3, W Jonesboro 1856
Ware, Jesse None Listed None Listed Anna None Listed
Watkins, Josephus C. (Anna Hospital) None Listed Anna 1881
Watson, John D. Farmer, Township Trustee and School Director S.5, T.11, R.1, E. Makanda 1869
Weaver, John Farmer S.12, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1852
Webb, John W. Farmer S.17, T.11, R.1, E. Progress 1887
Weber, Philip Farmer S.11, T.13, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1864
Whalen, James Market Gardener S.4, T.13, R.1, W. Balcom 1864
Wilcoxon, J.R. Farmer S.17, T.11, R.2, W. Alto Pass 1874
Wilkins, B.F. Market Gardener S.10, T.13, R.1, W Balcom 1885
Willard, C.F. Fruit Grower none listed Jonesboro none listed
Williams, Joseph W. Farmer and Gardener S.5, T.12, R.1, E Anna Born in County 1855
Williams, P.G. Farmer S.16, T.12, R.3, W. Jonesboro 1870
Williford, J.F. Dry Goods none listed Anna none listed
Williford, Henry Farmer S.25, T.12, R.2, W Jonesboro 1866
Willis, R.L. Prop. Hotel Anna none listed Anna none listed
Wilson, A.M. Merchant and Postmaster none listed Wolf Lake 1899
Wilson, Eliza Farmer S.14, T.12, R.2, W. Anna 1864
Wing, Edwin B. Fruit and Vegetable Grower S.28, T.11, R.1, W Cobden April 1868
Mr. Wing served as County Commissioner from 1897 to 1900. He enlisted in the 2nd Wis. Infantry, 1861, served till Nov. 1862 was wounded in hip Sept. 17, 1862.
Winn, Charles Farmer S. 11, T.12, R.2, W. Jonesboro 1870
Winstead, J.M. Farmer and Gardener S. 1, T.11, R.2, W. Alto Pass 1864
Wolf, H.C. Farmer S. 13, T.11, R.4, W. Aldridge 1897
Worstman, W.O. Grain and Implements, County Commissioner none listed Dongola 1860
Worthington, John A. Fruit Broker and Justice of the Peace none listed Anna none listed
Wright, W.J. Flour Mill and Elevator
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none listed Dongola 1879
Yates, Mrs. M.A. Farmer S. 28 & 33, T.11, R.1, E. Cobden 1850