Index of Names in "History of Southern Illinois"

The three volume set of The History of Southern Illinois by George Washington Smith, M.A. published in 1912 by the Lewis Publishing Company contains many references to individuals connected with Union County. The following is an index of individuals with an indication of this connection either in childhood or adult life in the text of these volumes. If you know of any references missed, please email us.

Last Name First Name Occupation Community Volume/
Beginning Page
Agnew T. Lee A.B., M.D. - Physician Anna 2/780
Barringer George Farmer Anna 2/602
Boggs Vivian O. Drygoods Merchant Dongola 2/772
Boyd Christopher J. Farmer Anna 3/1201
Brown A.C. Texas Ranger Anna 2/596
Brown R.E. Veterinarian Anna 2/596
Bruchhauser William Anna Roller Mills Anna 2/625
Butler Comfort Edgar Union County 2/815
Butler William Nicholas Judge Anna 2/814
Carlile R.A. Paint Store Proprieter Anna 2/818
Casper Walter J. Farmer Anna 3/1140
Chase Charles H. Mgr. Jonesboro Store Company Jonesboro 2/717
Coughanowr George W. Postmaster Dongola 2/784
Davis Henry L. M.D. - Physician Anna 3/1332
Ferrell Benjamin B. Agriculture; Business Anna 3/1527
Ferrell William F. Timber; Farmer; Manufacturer Jonesboro 3/1183
Goodman Thomas B. M.D./Physician; also shipped kaolin clay Cobden 3/1115
Green William P. Coal & Ice Sales; Developer Cobden 2/609
Hale James I. M.D./Physician & Surgeon Anna 2/628
Hale John A M.D./Physician Alto Pass 2/584
Hammond Jackson L. Editor & Mgr. Anna Democrat Anna 2/756
Hargrave Jean Merchant - Hargrave & Linneman Jonesboro 2/796
Harreld William E. Merchant; Broker; Fruit Grower Alto Pass 3/1344
Harris Clyde Dunbar Superintendent Dongola Public School Dongola 2/774
Hess L. Jasper Pres. Anna National Bank; Pres. W.W. Stokes Company Anna 2/805
Hileman George W. Secy & Mgr of Anna Fruit Growers Anna 2/694
James George W. Farmer Cobden & Alto Pass 2/715
Jinnette Ezekiel R. Teacher &
Agricultural Lecturer
Union County 2/715
Karraker Jacob Baptist Preacher Dongola 3/
karraker Thomas N. Businessman (?) Dongola 2/after 818
Keith L.D. M.D. Anna 2/654
Keith Leroy G. "Scientific" Farmer Alto Pass 2/712
Kirkpatrick Cornwall E. Various Occupations Listed
Including American Express Agent
Anna 2/654
Kohn H.H. Businessman;
Public Official
Anna 2/640
Lentz Eli Farmer (?) Saratoga 3/1112
Lingle Fred Lee Physician Alto Pass 2/597
Lufkin John E. Illinois Central;
Poultry Farm
Anna 3/1179
Lyerly Andrew J. M.D. - Physician & Surgeon Jonesboro 2/627
Lyerly William D. State's Attorney Jonesboro 2/729
Martin Sidney C. M.D. Medicine & Surgery Anna 2/654
May Leonidas J. M.D. Cobden 3/1094
Moore John W. Business - Grocery & Seeds Anna 2/583
Norris George W. Undertaker; other business Anna 2/681
Parker Charles A.C. M.D. Dongola 2/781
Parmly Walter Davis Fruit Grower Cobden &
Alto Pass
Pickrell Andrew J. Lawyer; Postmaster Anna 2/775
Rendleman Drake H. Educator; Farmer Jonesboro 3/1575
Rich George Teacher; Bank President Cobden 3/1129
Rich George D. Farmer Cobden 1/580
Rich Robert L Farmer; Broker Cobden 3/1109
Roberts John A. Farmer Lick Creek 2/586
Roberts John Frank Merchant Cobden 2/586
Roberts John T. Farmer Lick Creek 2/1018
Robinson Luther F. Physician Anna 3/1222
Sabin Frank A. M.D. - Physician Anna 2/777
Sanders Carl D. M.D. - Physician Jonesboro 3/1348
Sessons A. Ney Businessman Anna 2/1048
Stewart James C. M.D. - Physician & Surgeon Anna 2/782
Stout Amos Newton M.D. - Physician Cobden 3/1395
Sweitzer John Orchardist & Farmer Cobden 3/1145
Thomas William Walter Strawberry Breeder anna 2/792
Tibbets Albert S. Owner/Editor Jonesboro Gazette Jonesboro 2/757
Tuthill Lewis B. Lawyer Anna 2/724
Venerable James Edward Farmer Cobden 3/1122
Walker Lindorf Cashier First National Bank Cobden 3/1102
Wall William A. Judge born & raised in Union County Western Saratoga 2/754
Waller Elbert School Superintendent Cobden 3/1227
Wiley Ben L. Several Occupations Listed Jonesboro 2/771
Wiley William W. Merchant Businessman (Blind) Anna 2/771
Willard Simon M.D. - Physician Jonesboro 2/813
Wood James N. Manufacturer of baskets, boxes, barrels, and fruit packages Anna 2/608

P.A.S.T. of Union County