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P.A.S.T. Committees

There are various committees chaired by individuals and pairs of the Board of Directors. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of any of these committees by emailing the address specific to that committee, or see contacts

The committees and brief descriptions about them are as follows:

Home and Structure Tours

table from 2004 eventThe longest running project of P.A.S.T. provides a source of information for local history for both P.A.S.T. and those who take the tours. This project also serves as a fundraiser to support the projects of P.A.S.T. The Home and Structure Tours began as the Historical Home Tours Committee in 1995. Since that time a variety of structures have been opened up to the public for Colorfest weekend in Union County. Homes, churches, businesses, family farms, and a cabin have been toured every year. Each year of the Historical Home Tour brought different privately owned structures to the tour at least 50 years old. Due to the enthusiasm of owners of newer homes to support P.A.S.T. through the tours, the tour has recently included a few newer homes - all of which have a history of the location to be brought out as well as of the histories of the owners and past owners.

This event is held on the weekend of Colorfest (second full weekend of October)

Historic St. Anne's

Brochure - outsidepage.pdf | insidepage.pdf

This project was our first "hands-on" project. The group at its outset did not intend to get into preservation but to keep this quaint former Episcopalian church building, donated to P.A.S.T. by the LaFoon family, this project had to be done. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteerism a part of Anna's historic Main Street community is intact.

The Building is now a functional part of the community. With seating for 100 (comfortable) St. Anna's is  available for community or private events such as wedding programs, meetings plays, recitals and more.

Tours are held through-out the year

Go to contacts if  you have an interest in this project or would like more information on renting it for a small event.


Book & Video Projects

One manifestation of the Structure Tours is a wealth of information that P.A.S.T. hopes to preserve in book form. The first book will be of the information gathered during the first five years of the tour is looked for in 2007.

Video taped interviews with several older residents were undertaken in the last few years. The anticipated topic of the first video will be information on three early homesteads in Union County.

Educational Outreach

This committee was officially begun as a result of setting goals for a grant proposal. The idea is to have a program so that teachers and students may be rewarded and recognized for their efforts in teaching and pursuing local history. One of the first opportunities to help local schools is a classroom grant brought about in cooperation with the Kiwanis Club. For more information on this grant, see the Educational Outreach page.

This school year, grants are being awarded for education projects about Abraham Lincoln.  For more information, please contact Rita Dodd.

State Forest Fire Tower

The State Forest Fire Tower is a unique structure in the state as well as the county. This tower is a rare remaining fire tower of its era and construction. P.A.S.T. has been collecting donations to help restore the tower. This structure was added to the State Register of Historic Sites.


To accomplish any goal, most organizations must have funds to allow this. P.A.S.T. is no exception. The fundraising committee is essential to the accomplishment of all of our goals. This committee has set a yearly schedule of events to be used as fundraisers for different aspects of the organization. There are also additional, unique items that are for sale all year long that support our projects. Some of the local businesses carry these items at no charge for the space. Local artists and artisans sometimes design special items which are only sold by P.A.S.T.


Get Involved

P.A.S.T. is always trying to find energetic, enthusiastic, and interested volunteers to help with the many projects that are in the works. Take a look at the Committees below to see what interests you. If you are struck by a particular project, contact P.A.S.T. by going to Contacts.

If you've looked at the committees, but don't know where you would fit in, let us know what your interests, talents, and time limitations are and we'll try to connect you with the right committee.

If you'd like to help but don't think that your talents would be useful, guess again! We need help in ALL areas.

  • Do you like to take photographs of old buildings?
  • Do you like to do research?
  • Perhaps you have a talent for grant-writing or happen to be an excellent book-keeper?
  • Do you like to work on old buildings or talk to people about "the good old days"?
  • Do you type well?
  • Do you have some craft that could be useful in creating a unique item for fundraising?
  • Do you know how to raise funds?
  • Do you have old photos that you wouldn't mind having scanned and put into a digital library?
  • Some people prefer to donate things or money, those are valuable resources as well. Are you one of those?