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Educational Outreach Program

Outline of Plans

I. We will and do provide grants to encourage students to investigate and increase their appreciation for the history of Union County and its structures. Copies of these projects would be kept in P.A.S.T.s archive repository and future hands-on lab. The most unique and well written/executed entries would also be posted on P.A.S.T.s website. It is hoped that top entries would be exhibited in one of our annual events as well.

II. We are in the process of pursuing a place to house our holdings and activities, a hands-on lab. A lab equipped with several computers and printer are imagined. In this place we want to be able to incorporate special events such as a visiting artist, historian, or gardener for special hands-on type activities in which the local schools could sign up for times in which demonstrations and related activities would be presented.

III. We have in the past made personal presentations to local groups and classes when weve been requested to do so on specific topics. We would like to create presentations that would be helpful to your classes, both at school or in our lab. We also hope that our website will serve as a resource for teachers and students to find people, places, materials, or sites which will be helpful in doing research. Since our group focuses on structures, anything that has anything to do with structures, either one standing or not, for example the courthouse or Anna Pottery; a group of a particular type of structures: for example, Main Street of one of the towns; or events that have a connection to a structure would all apply such as the Trail of Tears, the Lincoln Douglas Debate or some other lesser known event.

In conjunction with our presentations and information acquisitions in other projects, we would like to produce or encourage the production of CD-Roms with short presentations, photos, documents, and other related materials for students/teachers to use in research and for learning in the classroom or lab. We would propose to have a hard copy set of reproducible items and suggestions for a teacher as well.

IV. We are hopeful teachers will be able to communicate directly on the site, perhaps a chat room, where easy exchange of good teaching ideas could be shared.

Education Grant Application (PDF)

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