P.A.S.T. Fundraisers July 2003

"Scenes From Mitford"


The July 2003 fundraiser for the St. Anne's Project was a combination of two productions based on the Jan Karon books connected to an Episcopal congregation in the fictional town of Mitford. These playlets were adapted by director Lynn Steveson of Union County from two of Karon's books: Miss Fannie's Hat, the children's book by Karon, and At Home in Mitford, one of the Mitford series books.

A host of Union County residents of all ages demonstrated their great variety of talents, enthusiasm, and dedication to present four performances of Scenes From Mitford and three of Miss Fannie's Hat. Local hat collectors displayed their collections of old and interesting hats to complement the theme of Miss Fannie's Hat. The public gave wonderful support by filling the seats for nearly every performance.

All but one performance of these playlets was performed at the Stinson Library in Anna. The Friends of Stinson Library cooperated with P.A.S.T. in presenting the performances. They were given the opportunity to sell Jan Karon books and present the latest release as an additional fundraiser for the library in cooperation with Jan Karon and Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Carbondale.
The author of the popular Mitford series, Jan Karon, sent a beautiful tea set and three signed books to be raffled off for the St. Anne's Project. P.A.S.T. appreciates the cooperation of Jan Karon, the Friends of Stinson Library, and Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Carbondale.

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support of the St. Anne's fundraiser!


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