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P.A.S.T. Times News November 2009


Visiting the Lincoln Museum exhibit at St Anne’s are PAST
Council members:

Seated, Mindy Carter, Rita Dodd, Elaine Crain and Mary Ellen Ecker. Standing, Holly Wohlwend, Barb Bauer, Judy Neal, and Judy Smith. Not pictured, but in attendance, Kay McRaven and Evelyn Bailey.

PAST Council meets

P.A.S.T. council members met Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at historic St Anne’s Church in Anna. Committee chairs made reports on recent Lincoln and Colorfest activities, expressed gratitude for the many volunteers and patrons who supported the projects, and made plans for future events.

The next PAST event is Carols at Candlelight at St Anne’s on Sunday, December 6, 2009. The community is invited to enjoy the warm glow of candlelight, informal singing around the vintage organ, special guests, and light refreshments.

The PAST place committee reported that the project to raise funds to purchase the house where Lincoln stayed in 1856 is short of the goal, but ongoing.

Following the business meeting, members took some time to see and read the traveling Lincoln display. The educational piece was produced by former Cobden PAST member Carla Smith Bell at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield.

The exhibit has been presented to PAST and will remain in the Union County area for display in local venues. It will remain at St Anne’s for a limited time. St Anne’s is scheduled to open to visitors on the 4th Saturday of October and 4th Saturday of November from 10:00am to 2:00 pm. To arrange to use the display for school or community exhibits, call 618-833-8745.

To rent St Anne’s for special occasions, or to visit the Lincoln Museum
exhibit, call 618-833-9441 or 833-6989.


Submitted for PAST by Barb Bauer 833-3228


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