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Historic St. Anne's

Historic St. Anne’s
Located on South Main Street in Anna, Illinois

Step into the past....

St. Anne’s church is nestled in the middle of a long block of beautiful turn-of-the-century homes in the small town of Anna in Southern Illinois. The diminutive church is important to our community as a reminder of our past. The cornerstone is dated 1886.

One can imagine candles or kerosene lamps illuminating the early church, and horses and buggies waiting outside during the services. You only have to step into the dark coolness of the thick stone walls to hear and feel the stillness of the past. This quaint little church which saw the streetcar passing by on its way to the Union County Courthouse in Jonesboro in the early 1900’s, has endured into its third century of watching Union County residents pass by.

Reflections on the past....

An article in “Outdoor Illinois” of March 1974 states “It is a beautifully proportioned structure with walls of fieldstone laid in irregular courses, pointed arches of finely cut stone over the windows, and shingles in the gables.......The building is certainly one of the finest small religious edifices in the state and deserves careful preservation because of its architectural and romantic—or nostalgic—qualities.” The deep-welled windows, arched red front door, and round windows high in the gables all add to the beauty of the church.

Left vacant in the 1970’s, the church fell into disrepair. Through generous donations of time and money from the community and a couple of small grants obtained through the efforts of P.A.S.T., St. Anne’s has been restored and is once again a prominent part of the community. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

A Special Place for Your Events.....

St. Anne’s is the perfect place for intimate events—such as small weddings, renewal of vows, anniversary gatherings, baby showers or christenings, receptions, art shows, recitals, and other appropriate theatrical or musical events.

The heated and air-conditioned church provides flexible seating for 100. A small kitchenette has recently been added in existing space to make this building more usable to the public.

Fees: For larger events, a tax-deductible donation to P.A.S.T. of $250.00, plus a $50.00 refundable deposit at the time of rental. These funds are used for restoration and maintenance of the building. Smaller events may be reserved at reduced rates. Community groups are invited to use the building for a meeting with just a small donation required to cover the cost of utilities.

For viewing the church or for more information, contact:
Elaine Crain 618-833-9441 or crains@crainsonline.com
Judy Smith 618-833-6989
Linda Hileman 618-833-8745 or hileman14@verizon.net

Note: A neutral back curtain is available if preferred instead of the red.